Indiana University of Pennsylvania – My first “real” technical (paid!) work was for IUP. I worked largely on my own when it came to the website. I was given content to place on the site, this is before a “good” CMS engine was developed for use by the university, so most content updates were done with the template method in Dreamweaver. Outside of the technical work, I served as a recruiter, and was on the finance board for the student union association.

State Farm Insurance – In 2002 I was chosen out of a national pool of applicants for a spot in State Farm’s internship program.

Consultant – After college, I worked on my own doing freelance work.

WE-ENROLL Incorporated – A small benefit administration company. I was the first internal programmer hired on staff, and the company quickly grew. Eventually it merged with what is now known as M. F. Irvine Corporate Solutions.

M. F. Irvine Corporate Solutions – A benefit administration and risk management company that offers a variety of services to our clients in these areas. From full blown benefit administration outsourcing to basic consulting on the choice of benefit plans.

The Elite Group – An organization that provides human resource, benefits administration, payroll, property & casualty services.

Data Centric Design – After being approached to work a contract, I formalized my efforts and organized myself into a small consulting shop.

HomeNet Automotive, Division of AutoTrader.com – Provides online vehicle inventory polling, acquisition and management tools for automotive dealerships to market and distribute their vehicle inventory to the web.