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Implementation Lead

Did this work during my tenure at WE / MFI. My direct responsibilities for large client implementation ended in late 2006 as more team members came on board. I then served in an advisory capacity to those doing the direct work.

Our organization took on two extraordinary cases during this period of time, and I served as internal tech lead for co-ordinating the data import into the system, and the consolidation of this data from all the various sources.

Managed a small team during these large client acquisitions to ensure data quality, as well as accurate data translation and consolidation from multiple source systems.

Excel Programming

Worked on this project in the first half of 2004.

Worked with the lead estimator of a regional fence supplier to create a simple environment to assist in the automation of bid estimation. This product was the tool that allowed the client to put out more bids in a shorter period of time to spur faster growth.

Systems Intern

Worked here for the summer of 2002.

Worked with a small team to develop tools for survey management. This allowed the group to tighten cycle time as survey results were tallied automatically and via e-mail, instead of manually via interoffice mail. Additionally, an automated Gantt Chart tool was built to illustrate cycle times for my department.