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EDI Developer

Did this work during my tenure at The Elite Group.

Developed various EDI reports as required. The initial files were generally one-time snapshots of data that would be used to transmit eligibility to various carriers. Since early 2010, most files were ongoing files, that were utilized to free up internal employees to focus on other areas of the application.


Did this work during my tenure at The Elite Group.

My initial project at Elite was to build a DataMart as a central repository for future reporting needs. No singular framework existed that could meet the needs of the EDI’s that were expected to be built moving forward.

Over a period of a few weeks, the DataMart was designed and implemented along with a DataQualityControl framework.

Each day, the system loads a snapshot of key fields in the source systems. Over time, this data could be used to meet all reporting needs.

Software / Database Developer

This was the original job description provided for my position at The Elite Group.

This position is responsible for software development, database administration, and production support for a custom Human Resource and Payroll system used by Elite Group and its clients.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Performs application troubleshooting to isolate and diagnose problems
  • Maintains and enhances proprietary software as required
  • Administer, maintain, and enhance HRIS and Payroll databases as required
  • Coordinates EDI testing and trading partner implementation initiatives
  • Provide implementation support to Benefits Administration and Payroll teams
  • Provides in-house users with portal application and technical support

Implementation Lead

Did this work during my tenure at WE / MFI. My direct responsibilities for large client implementation ended in late 2006 as more team members came on board. I then served in an advisory capacity to those doing the direct work.

Our organization took on two extraordinary cases during this period of time, and I served as internal tech lead for co-ordinating the data import into the system, and the consolidation of this data from all the various sources.

Managed a small team during these large client acquisitions to ensure data quality, as well as accurate data translation and consolidation from multiple source systems.